Peperuja presents the excellent partners: a journey through the history and good taste of Calabria

Welcome to the beating heart of Calabria, on a journey to discover the custodians of centuries-old traditions and ambassadors of the authentic taste of this land rich in treasures.

Each partner represents a precious piece of the Peperuja mosaic, helping to outline an authentic and complete picture of food and wine Calabria.

Get ready to learn the stories behind the delicacies that populate our online catalog.

Arena Carmelo agricultural company

The journey to discover the authentic flavors of Calabria begins on Monte Poro , in the province of Vibo Valentia, with the Azienda Agricola Arena Carmelo, a family business that for four generations has carried on the tradition of sheep farming and the taste of sheep's cheeses and local cured meats, in the Vibo hinterland. 

The history of the Arena family begins with the great-grandparents, who went to the local market every Saturday to sell cheese, ricotta and other farm products, often bartered for other foodstuffs such as eggs or fresh fish.

At the time, in the 1980s, transhumance was necessary: ​​during the cold winters, the flock moved to the coastal areas of Capo Vaticano in search of better pastures, and then returned to Monte Poro in spring. 

Today, with the help of new stables and food supplements based on hay grown on its own land, the Arena Carmelo Agricultural Company has chosen to keep the breeding in the wild all year round on the Poro promontory, guaranteeing the sheep have the freedom to graze in an area rich in aromatic herbs and pure air, overlooking the splendid Costa degli Dei. 

Following the rhythm of the seasons, production is suspended during the summer periods , respecting the natural cycles and guaranteeing the welfare of the animals.

As is the tradition of every Calabrian farm, the Arena family also raises some pigs, grows chilli peppers and produces a small part of nduja, soppressata, pancetta and spicy sausages. The processing takes place according to the traditional method, using exclusively home-produced chili peppers for an authentic taste that contains all the essence of the Monte Poro territory . 

The company's commitment and passion translate into products of the highest quality, capable of telling the history and tradition of a unique territory. 

Pecorino di Monte Poro DOP and the other products of the Arena Carmelo farm are available seasonally for online purchase on the Peperuja website, where you can also discover the wide range of Calabrian food and wine excellences that we have selected for you.

Provenzano Domenico agricultural company

Let's take a trip to the Vibo area of ​​Curinga, on a 10-hectare plot of land where there is a Calabrian black pig farm , a precious native Italian breed. 

It is the farm of Domenico Provenzano, a young man from Vibona who since 2019 has dedicated himself to the protection of this special breed that risked becoming extinct, guaranteeing its well-being and the valorization of its unique characteristics. 

The animals feed in the open air with a natural diet made of acorns, chestnuts, roots and local aromatic herbs, enjoying the well-being of a wild and semi-wild farm, ethical and respectful of their natural rhythms. A choice that translates into superior quality meat, rich in flavor and authenticity . 

Unlike the classic pig, the black pig of Calabria stands out for its thick black coat, similar to that of a wild boar, and large ears that almost cover the eyes, a rustic and resistant breed capable of providing unique meat for its nutritional characteristics. The meat of the Calabrian black pig is characterized by its leanness and compactness , due to the high content of unsaturated fats compared to saturated ones. Rich in iron, vitamins E and D, this meat is used for the production of fine Calabrian DOP cured meats .

Domenico Provenzano's farm, thanks to its sustainable farming philosophy, gives us the opportunity to taste an excellent product: the meat of the Calabrian Black Pig. Guanciale, capocollo, Calabrian soppressata and the renowned Nduja of Spilinga are just some of the products that you can find available on the Peperuja online shop, thanks to our collaboration born from the shared desire and constant commitment to enhance the Calabrian territory and gastronomy.

Masicei winery

Masicei is the name of the place where the winery of Cosmo Rombolà and his family is located. We are in the small municipality of Brattirò where the Saracen tower "a Marrana" and the Stromboli paint an enchanting panorama, creating the perfect context for the birth of wines that represent the expression of the territory , achieved through a process of winemaking of native vines and varieties international, focused on tradition and a philosophy of organic and natural production .

The atmosphere that you breathe from Cantina Masicei is that of times gone by, the places have maintained the essentiality of peasant life and civilization, to honor and continue the work handed down from generation to generation.

Hospitality is the strong point of the company which organizes tastings in the cellar and aperitifs in the vineyard, during which you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of wine, accompanied by local food and wine excellences for a sensorial journey that will lead you to discover the richness and complexity of our terroir . 

Immersed in the beauty of the Calabrian landscape, you will experience an authentic and convivial atmosphere, surrounded by people passionate about wine and the territory. Thanks to the collaboration with Peperuja you will be able to conclude your journey to discover Masicei wines by purchasing your favorite labels online. Enter the cellar!

Colacchio Food

Since 1970 in San Costantino Calabro in Vibo Valentia, the Colacchio Food bakery and pasta factory led by Rocco Colacchio has been producing the best baked products in the whole of Calabria, to which are added the different formats of Mamma Isa pasta produced exclusively with fine semolina durum wheat, rigorously bronze drawn and dried at low temperatures. A typically Calabrian company which, from generation to generation, combines ancient artisanal recipes with modern technologies and innovative solutions, selecting the best raw materials and paying great attention to every phase of the manufacturing process.

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years in the world of flours and cereals, incredibly good products have been created that have all the requirements to be in line with the Mediterranean Diet .

Our online catalog only contains the baked products that we consume regularly and the typical Calabrian pasta formats, but you can request the complete and personalized catalog by filling out the form Your special requests

Vatican delights of Tropea

Domenico Furchì is the founder of the Delizie Vaticane di Tropea® brand which was founded in 1996. The name derives from the basic product used in the company's main recipes, the Red Onion of Tropea: Vaticane derives from Capo Vaticano, the place where it has always come cultivated onion, and Tropea for the town that gave its name to this unique quality of onion with a sweet taste, which has now become famous throughout the world.

Domenico and his family are small producers and traders of genuine vegetables, so much so that he himself, as a boy, helped his parents both in the fields and in the retail shop, until he moved to Rome, once he became an adult. Some time after moving to the capital, however, he felt the need to return to his origins and, contaminated by the new combinations of flavors that were making their way into Italian cuisine, he created his first product: Onion Mousse® , which has become the company's strong point is known and appreciated throughout the world. 

Shortly afterwards, various onion-based preserves were created, to which other delicacies based on typical Calabrian products were added. 

Today Domenico, with the help of his wife Teresa and his collaborators, produces a variety of around 50 different products, all in the name of Calabrian quality and authenticity. Thanks to the collaboration with Now lovers of good taste can buy the Vatican Delights of Tropea online to live a Calabrian experience with an authentic flavour.

Deorum Cibus

Giuseppe, Davide and Flavio are the soul of the new artisan company Deorum Cibus which is located in Vibo Valentia Marina, along the Costa degli dei , where traditional and contemporary cuisine meet to promote and consolidate the values ​​and benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

The company is the realization of the dream of three young Calabrian brothers who have combined all their skills in physics, chemistry, mechanics and craftsmanship, and driven by the same passions such as love for their territory, respect for traditions and the search for innovation, they created Deorum Cibus, the food processing laboratory of local products. 

The company philosophy is to make the most of the typical products of the regional territory, thanks to the purchase of raw materials in close collaboration with local entrepreneurs: fresh fish from our coast, top quality meat and freshly harvested vegetables. Only zero kilometer raw materials processed according to traditional family recipes, maintaining artisan techniques in the handling and cooking of the ingredients, and using the aid of technological innovation in the field of heat treatments, to make the preserves and have the availability of genuine products all year round. 

The company's revolution is called Nduja Essentia , born from the idea of ​​offering Spilinga Nduja in an innovative version, thanks to a slow extraction process that concentrated all the flavor of the nduja in a liquid solution, from which two new products were born : nduja honey and nduja oil. 

Three brothers and one goal: to lead or lead back to the most authentic flavors of Calabria. Deorum Cibus Nduja Essentia and other products are available for online purchase on the Peperuja website, where you can also discover the wide range of Calabrian food and wine excellences that we have selected for you.

Don Giovannino Bakery

In the heart of Calabria, in Porto Salvo, Don Giovannino was born in 1982. A small artisan bakery that bears the name of its founder, the master baker Giovanni Giacco, who together with his wife Nunzia and his children Giovanna and Francesco, have created a kingdom of goodness, where the passion for bread and leavened products intertwines with the ancient Calabrian traditions. From the first light of day, the inebriating scent of freshly baked bread envelops the entire town and surrounding area. 

In the expert hands of the Giacco family, flour, water, yeast and love are transformed into magic. Crispy loaves, fragrant focaccias and, above all, the leavened products which are the flagship of Don Giovannino. Among these, artisanal Panettone reigns supreme, a masterpiece of softness and taste, the result of a slow and meticulous process that respects the times of natural leavening and the choice of typical and genuine ingredients. 

Each Don Giovannino panettone is a unique work of art, guardian of the authentic flavors of Calabria and the passion of a family that has made bread its life. Today, Don Giovannino is not just a bakery, but a point of reference for lovers of good food and traditions. A place where authenticity meets innovation, where the past meets the future, and where every bite tells a story of passion and dedication. 

In collaboration with you can purchase artisanal panettone and colomba online, exclusively during the Christmas and Easter periods.

Giuseppe Calabrese - Farmer in Saracena

Giuseppe is a young winemaker with a smile as pure as his natural wines .

My grandmother left me 3 very small vineyards. A total of 4 hectares including the one planted by me... Together with the land, my grandmother passed on to me her passion and agricultural knowledge made up of respect and experience."

Thanks to his grandmother Peppina, Giuseppe Calabrese took his first steps in agriculture and listened to the call of the land; after finishing school and the military he takes care of the family lands and those of friends and acquaintances. He begins to express himself on the production of wine with results that obtain the initial approval of his friends. In 2013 he bottled the first vintage of Pollino Terre di Cosenza Dop red wine and in 2018 he opened his cellar. 

For a few years Giuseppe has been producing a few precious bottles of white, rosé and red wine from native varieties such as Guarnaccia bianca and Magliocco, as well as the inevitable Moscato di Saracena, a Slow Food Presidium dedicated to his grandmother Peppina . 

In collaboration with Peperuja, wine enthusiasts can purchase the wines of Giuseppe Calabrese, a farmer in Saracena, online. Enter the cellar!

The craftsman of Nduja

L'Artigiano della Nduja di Spilinga is not just a company, but a true presence of Calabrian gastronomic culture which stands out for its single-product philosophy, focused on the production of the highest quality Nduja. 

Founded in 2002 by Luigi Caccamo, known as the pioneer of Spilinga Nduja, awarded in 2015 by Gambero Rosso, today it appears on the national and international market, and inevitably on our table. Luigi Caccamo's Nduja is a symbol of authentic Calabria, a product that embodies the mother-in-law's recipe, the history and passion of a family and the tradition of a land rich in unique flavours.

All this was achieved without neglecting company ethics: guaranteeing the authenticity of the product through production according to tradition understood as the transmission of knowledge over time, and satisfying consumers by offering a natural product.

Using the best cuts of Italian pork and naturally dried Calabrian chili pepper, the nduja artisan creates a unique product with an unmistakable flavour.

Thanks to the collaboration with Peperuja, lovers of good taste can now buy real Nduja from Spilinga online and enjoy a unique sensorial experience.

Masseria Caporelli

“Ours is a lifestyle choice: for the health of consumers, for our health and our collaborators, for the health of the environment and for the respect of our children.”

We are in San Costantino Calabria in the lands of Vibo, the story begins way back in 1895 when grandfather Pasquale Mercatante purchased an agricultural land called Caporelli and built a stable, a haystack and a farmhouse, giving life to his farm. Over time the business grew thanks to the constant collaboration of the whole family, in 1975 the father built the new oil mill and in 2010 the children Mariagrazia, Francesca and Gaetano Mercatante successively received the property and created the new agricultural company Masseria Caporelli.

Today the company carries on the legacy of generations of Calabrian farmers with the desire to give continuity to the development of the territory and the desire to conserve the historical-cultural heritage and traditions. At Masseria Caporelli there are mainly olive groves of the local Ottobratica cultivar, but vegetables and small fruits such as blueberries are also grown, according to the organic farming method, thanks to which an irresistible and super genuine organic black blueberry jam is produced.

Masseria Caporelli is not only a farm, but also a B&B that welcomes visitors in an oasis of peace and tranquility. You can stay in comfortable rooms furnished with taste, enjoy a genuine breakfast based on local products and immerse yourself in a place where you can breathe the passion for the land and Calabrian culture.

The little ones, on the other hand, will be able to have fun with the farm animals and participate in the educational activities organized for them. 

Together we share the desire to enhance our territorial heritage and the desire to pass on the values ​​of rural tradition. Thanks to the collaboration with Peperuja you can buy local organic oil online and set off to discover our roots.

Peperuja is not just a simple e-commerce, but a bridge that connects local producers with genuine food enthusiasts throughout Italy and the world. We are proud to enhance the work and passion of our partners, guaranteeing our customers an authentic and safe purchasing experience, characterized by the quality and authenticity of local products.