My name is Emanuela Borello , I'm from Calabria and I'm a passionate cook . I was born in Vibo Valentia on 1 April 1974, April Fool's? But no, it's not a joke. Calabria is the land that saw me born and still sees me grow up, and take care of my home and my family. Calabria is my Mother Earth . I, on the other hand, am a wife and mother of five children… Martina and Francesca, of Italian mother tongue, while Hero, Ciak and Bianca usually bark.

Due to a series of personal situations and vicissitudes, I started very early to "bring bread home" as we say in the south; I started working back in '96 gaining experience in various sectors. Work has never scared me and I've always done it with great commitment and dedication, constantly and without ever losing heart. In our beautiful country, the Republic founded on work, this is the main purpose if not the only one. For this I can consider myself quite satisfied. And I say enough because lately I've begun to desire a job that caters to my personal interests as well as financial ones. I want a job that involves my passions and my art , which today I find in cooking and writing .

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” wrote Confucius.

Cooking is my greatest passion, since I was a child I was attracted by every ingredient that my grandmother bought at the local market; I liked walking with her among the farmers' stalls, as much as I liked coming home and watching her cook, every day, and especially on Sundays. Rumors of the family say that the real cook was my grandfather Emanuele, whom I didn't have the good fortune to know but whose name I am proud of. I like to imagine him as a good teacher for my beloved grandmother Concetta. And although cooking is my greatest passion, it's not the only one.

I really like reading , I'm passionate about reading, it makes me feel good, it nourishes me. My genre of reading is constantly changing. My library today has been enriched with motivational books and inevitably cookbooks, also thanks to my daughters I have found art books, wine, travel and photography guides, which have been a pleasant discovery.

Photography also fascinates me. Family photos, a house by the sea, trips to the mountains, I like to capture time and keep a little piece of it; lately I also like to photograph what I cook. I find the photographs that preserve the memories that memory sometimes puts aside are very beautiful. Photography gives you the memory, taking you back exactly to the moment in which you lived it. It's the same emotion I feel when I taste something, when I eat, and above all when I cook.

Cooking, reading, photography, writing give me positive and vibrant emotions and sensations, which improve my day and consequently my life. Love and simplicity in the little things of every day is what I want to convey and share, with a lot of passion and constant commitment . A handful of enthusiasm and the right amount of spiciness !

For some years, I have been dedicating myself with passion and enthusiasm to my personal blog Calabriahomemade , where I write recipes of typical Calabrian cuisine and stories about my land, often seasoned with (not so much) short anecdotes from my childhood.

Look for me on Giallo Zafferano and follow me on Instagram if you want to take a dip in my beloved Calabria, in a sea of ​​scents and flavors that leave their mark… certainly spicy!

The enthusiasm for my Calabriahomemade blog grows, it often takes me back in time, memories and old recipes come back to mind, youthful emotions and thoughts revive. I continue to learn more, I read, I cook and I always go in search of genuine products from my land… Calabria stimulates me and involves me more and more towards new ideas and new projects.

This is where Peperuja was born, my E-commerce of typical Calabrian products.